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We’ve held multiple Art Workshops with wonderful organizations like Los Angeles Recreation & Parks, Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles Mission, Midnight Mission, Safe Place for Youth, Boys & Girls Club of Venice, Boys & Girls Club of Carson, Mar Vista Gardens Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica, King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science, Mountainview Elementary, & shared Art from the Kids and Teens with the Veterans at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System & Sunrise Senior Living at Sterling Canyon.

We’ve added pictures from some of the events we’ve held over the last five years.  The following images are not in a specific order but interestingly, we began by giving Holiday Cards created by children to Seniors.  The act of creating and giving to others has been so rewarding for the kids and Art Plays A Part that we regularly make them now for people serving others.  In many of these past workshops, Kids & Teens were inspired to draw what they dream to be or where they’d like to live because if they could see it vividly enough to draw or paint they could be or have it.

Paul Kerwin, CFO of Westlake Financial, shares his Passion/Art of Personal Finance with the very interested Teens.

It’s fascinating how we all have a passionate skill, interest that could possibly inspire a youth to take a different course in their lives.  Paul’s passion has been Personal Finance since he learned about in college and fortunately he’s willing to take the time to share his art with the teenagers.  I think we all wish we had learned about this subject when we were teens.  It’s really amazing to watch a volunteer teach our youth about their passion and the effect that it has on the teens and the volunteer. I bet some of the teens decide to study accounting in college, hold off on using a credit card early on, and hopefully many begin saving now.  Paul’s thrilled being able to share his passion with the teens, the interest the teens have had (great questions), and how they could benefit from the class in the future.

Let’s make gratitude cards for people serving other people!

We decided that the Police deserve our gratitude for protecting our communities and keeping Los Angeles safe and chill.  The kids were thrilled to make appreciation cards that will be given to the Police that they admire and feel safe in their communities with.

Make Someone Smile Week meant a lot to the Vets and the Kids

Visiting Our Veterans at the VA Greater Los Angeles hospital in West LA meant so much to us, the kids that made the cards for them, and the Vets that received them.   This time, Teleflora donated many bouquets of flowers that were arranged and delivered by Girl Scouts. The best part about it was letting each Veteran know how much love these cards had from kids that thought they were heroes.  The kids asked as we left with many cards when were we coming back to make more cards.

Caramel PopcornThe Veterans were Touched by the Loving Cards

We visited the VA Greater Los Angeles hospital in West LA today and did a bedside visit to wish each Veteran a Happy Fourth of July and thank them for their service to our country.  I made sure to let each of them know that these cards were made with a lot of love, the kids were so happy to make these cards for their heroes, like they are for me also.  A couple teared up looking at the beautiful messages and images created by the kids.  I love the 4th of July and this trip to our Vets, visiting each room to share with our wounded heroes.

Kids Create Caring Cards for Our Vets on the 4th of July

Children from the Boys & Girls Club of Carson, Boys & Girls Club of Mar Vista Gardens, SPY – Safe Place for Youth, and the Anne Douglas Center for Women at the Los Angeles Mission felt an incredible joy and gratitude as they created cards for our Veterans.  I completely agree with the kids that felt these soldiers were Heros and planned to tell each one of that when delivering the cards.

An Artist Shares With The Kids

Our Latest Event we recently held with singer/songwriter Justin Tranter shares his experience as a struggling artist with the Teens.  His passion and dedication to music has lead him to become one of the most successful songwriters with hits like “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez, “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE, Gwen Stefani’s latest album, and upcoming songs by Britney Spears to name a few. We’ll share his video talking to the teens soon, join our mailing list:)

Pictures from some of our classes, of the Kids & Teens creating,

Volunteers, Supporters, the Art, and the People we love to give Art too.