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What we’ve been up to

Children living on Skid Row in Los Angeles easily grasped our inspirational art instructions to draw what they dream to be because if you can see it clearly enough to draw, you can be it.  For the Last 5 years we have been active doing various art classes with underprivileged children meant to inspire, teach, and introduce them to different art forms.  These art classes have been taught by one or more of our Board Members or volunteers.  It’s been an incredible experience bringing joy to these children through the expression of art and helping volunteers give back in a wonderful way that they love themselves.

Future Plans and Why

As we approach our sixth year as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Los Angeles. we’re excited to take many new actions.   One is to begin sharing the expression of art with children of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and by doing so, creating a bond of understanding, confidence, and creativity that will empower our youth for a better future.  Another new step will be to focus on raising funds so we can supplement the arts in underserved communities throughout Los Angeles.

Research Shows

Detailed analysis showed that youngsters included in high arts groups scored well on measures of creativity, fluency, originality, elaboration, and resistance to closure. Researchers heard from arts specialists, art providers, and teachers of other subjects that these same capacities are critical to arts learning as well as to other subject disciplines. In the arts, whether visual, music, dance, or drama, the ability to explore myriad ideas, envision and try out unusual and personal responses, consider objects, ideas, and experiences in detail, and be willing to keep thoughts open long enough to take imaginative leaps, are all important.

When young people are involved with the arts, something changes in their lives. America’s education system is in a real flux because America is in transition. We are a more diverse society facing daunting demands from global, social, and technological innovation. The American economy is shifting from a manufacturing-driven engine to a services driven enterprise. If young Americans are to succeed and to contribute in our “economy of ideas,” they will need an education that develops imaginative, flexible and tough minded thinking. The arts powerfully nurture the ability to think in this manner.

This research shows that the youth involved in sports/academic, community involvement, and the arts programs were doing better in school and in their personal lives. The youth in the arts programs were doing the best. Although the youth in arts programs were actually at greater “risk” than those in the other programs, the researchers found that characteristics particular to the arts made those programs more effective. Evidence also shows that learning in the arts has significant effects on learning in other domains.